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Your Doula Service Includes:

  • Initial no obligation meeting (one hour);

  • 4x1hour antenatal appointments

  • 2x1hour postpartum appointments

  • 4x homecooked meal postpartum

  • Use of my resources

  • Relaxation oils-roller and mist spray

  • Use of “doula bag”

  • On call from 37 weeks up until 42 weeks

  • Available for all questions

  • Stay with you for up to 1hour after birth


 My promise to you as your Doula

  • Be the continuelty of care you need

  • Support you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • Give you up to date information regarding your pregnancy and birth

  • Make you feel safe, supported and empowered

  • To not be your voice but support your voice

  • To listen to your wants and need and do everything in my power to make sure they are met

  • Focus on you as a whole person

Scope of Practice

It is important to understand that I DO NOT perform any medical or clinical procedures, such as monitoring blood pressure or physical examinations including vaginal examinations, foetal movements and heart monitoring.


I do not diagnose or give medical advice or prescribe medications.


I cannot make decisions for you; however, I can provide you with education and resources so that you can make an informed decision that feels right for you and your circumstances.


I will remind you of your birth preferences if things start to deviate from those, or suggest other options to you, but you or your partner must speak to your medical team with your choices, decisions or concerns. 


I will provide for your physical, mental and emotional comfort and support.  


I am completely non-judgemental and will work with you both to honour your birth preferences for a positive birth outcome.


I work for you, not your medical care providers or hospital.


Once you book my services other potential clients who may be close to your own due date are then declined and referred to my birthing colleagues.


I make myself available to you for 2 weeks either side of your estimated due date (EDD).


In the event of unforeseeable circumstances such as sickness or something else preventing me from attending your birth, one of my Birth Doula colleagues will be a back-up for your birth only and I will still provide the follow up postpartum visit.



You agree to disclose any infectious diseases that you have so that I can ensure that I can take necessary precautions to protect myself.


You also need to keep me updated on all your antenatal appointments and the results from any screening tests you decide to do such as Group B Strep, Gestational Diabetes and blood pressure so that I am updated on all your pregnancy history.



All requests for information on education and resources can be emailed to my email address and I will respond to these within 24 hours (if not earlier). 


This is a preferred method of general communication so that I can keep track of what we have discussed and just keep adding to the same thread and make a record of things I need to follow up.


Text messaging is an acceptable form of communication for non-urgent situations to keep me updated, or to request for resources or information, to provide antenatal results or to keep me informed of any changes.


My mobile number is 0437 004 107


Please do not give out this number as it is my private mobile number that I only provide to my doula clients.


Early labour is when you start noticing changes – like period style cramping or sometimes even Braxton Hicks (which can be painful unlike what you read on social media) and can be a sign that things are happening in your body but does not mean birth is imminent. Be aware that this can last for hours, even days, so it is important that you rest / sleep, especially if it is during the night. Get up and walk around to see if the sensations ease off or have a warm bath or shower and if it is during the night get a heat pack and go back to bed as you don’t know how long you will be in early labour for, and you need to ensure that you are well rested in case you are in active labour within the next 24 hours.


If you think you are in “early labour” or you have any concerns, please text me so that I can offer you support and encouragement and discuss our plan of action.


Between the hours of 9pm and 6am only ring me for urgent responses as I too need to ensure that I am well rested and ready for your birth.


During 9pm and 6am text messaging is not a reliable form of communication if it is urgent or you think you are in labour in case I am asleep, therefore it is important to ring me if you have anything urgent to report.


Text messages are fine for all non-urgent communication.

Your labour

It is important to stay at home as long as possible and to keep me updated on any changes such as cramping, loss of mucous plug, membranes releasing or anything else associated with your pregnancy.


You or your partner must call me when you feel you need me to be there with you during your labour. It is important to keep in mind that if I am with you for several hours during “early labour” this may affect my ability to work with you effectively during the more intense “active labour” where you need the most support and we will not know how long you will be in labour for. 


Please make sure your partner also has my contact details, so they can contact me at any time as well.


I usually need up to 60 minutes plus travel time to get to you, so it is important that you allow for this.


I will either meet you at the hospital, birthing centre or at your home as discussed after your phone call and will remain with you for the duration of your labour and birth, unless extraordinary circumstances arise.


You need to advise your hospital caregivers prior to you going into labour that you have employed me as your Doula, so that there is no confusion or disagreements when I arrive at the hospital. 

Caesarean Birth

I can continue to provide support during this process in theatre if your chosen hospital agrees for either scheduled or unexpected caesarean births. If you feel you would really benefit from me being with you while you are in theatre, please ask your Obstetrician at the time. There are policies at hospitals regarding this which stipulate only one support person (generally the partner) can be with the mum, however sometimes if all health care professionals agree then an extra support person may be able to be present.


If your care providers do not agree, then I will stay with you until you are taken through to theatre. Once you have had your caesarean birth you will be taken through to recovery, and then you will be admitted to the ward.


I will pack up all your belongings ready to be relocated to your room on the ward.


After the birth

It is important for mum, baby and partner to have that uninterrupted bonding time immediately after birth, however I will stay close by for up to one hour after birth (or longer depending on the circumstances) to offer any assistance that is required such as encouragement, breastfeeding support and bonding photos.


If baby needs to go to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) then I will remain with you, while your partner goes with your baby until you are ready to go to NICU as well, so that you are not left unsupported.


Postpartum Visits

Postpartum visits allow us to debrief the birth together and for me to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. I will be able to suggest ideas and provide information at these visits about baby care, breastfeeding and helpful tips to make things easier for you, such as baby massage and settling.


I would like to meet with you within 7 days after the birth to see you and your baby and to review your birth.

Refund Policy

If there are special circumstances that arise where I am unable to attend your birth due to my own reasons such as sickness or unforeseen circumstances or a back-up doula is not available, then a 50% refund will be refunded to you and the other 50% of the scheduled fee will be retained for services already provided. 


If I have been at your birth for over 15 hours and I need to call on my back-up doula due to fatigue, a refund will not be provided if you decide you do not wish to use the back-up doula.


No refund will be provided if you fail to contact me or don’t give me enough time or warning for me to attend your birth or decide that you no longer want me to attend. 


You acknowledge that in the event of special circumstances, which results in a caesarean birth, you are still required to pay the full doula fee.


If you have signed this agreement, and then decide to have an elective caesarean I will continue to support you leading up to your birth.


Your service will be modified to provide you with a Positive Caesarean Birth Coach Service.


As birth is a very unpredictable process, you understand that as your Doula I am not responsible and cannot guarantee the outcome of your labour and birth, and it is your responsibility to do as much preparation and education you can to achieve a positive, calm birth.

No refund will be given for a change of mind in services.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours’ notice is required when cancelling consultations, without notice full payment will be required or it will be taken as one of the consultations used in your selected package.

Deposit and Payment

Complete payment is required 4 weeks before your due date or one the day for one off consultations.

A 10% deposit is required when booking in your package to secure your dates.



All your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. 


I love receiving birth stories and photos from my clients to share on social media and on my website in the hope of educating other women who may be searching for positive birth stories or wanting to know more about my services.


Your permission will always be requested in writing prior to sharing your birth story or any photos that you provide to me.

I will never share photos that I take during your labour and birth without your written approval. 

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