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  • Jayde Deacon

Hypno-Doula and why you need us!


Birth is something that will stay with both Mum and partner for an exceptionally long time to come after the day and can also have lifelong repercussions so who better to have in your corner than a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner who is also a certified Doula.

So why a Hypno-Doula you ask, well let’s think about it…If you were to hire a trainer/coach for a sport you would want someone who is specifically trained in the sport of your choice, yes? So, if you are after a positive, physiological, empowering birth wouldn’t you want someone who has been trained in that? We have a special set of skills and knowledge that helps us understand the birth you are experiencing, especially if you are using the skills you learnt through a Hypnobirthing Australia course.

Due to the training and knowledge, we have we understand that even though you remain calm, focused and in control, your body is working hard, and it is very possible for you to be further along in your labour than outsiders may believe. I have even heard of people having midwives believe they are still in early labour and 15 minutes later they have had their baby.

Another bonus of having a Hypno-Doula is we know how important language is throughout labour, whilst in a state of self-hypnosis we become incredibly open to suggestion, and we understand that simply changing words like “pain” and “contractions” to “pressure” and “surges” can completely change how a woman is experiencing her labour. We also have an arsenal of massage techniques, meditation scripts and positions that may assist during various stages of labour and honestly who would not want that.

Now the benefits are not limited to the birthing woman, her birth partner will also reap the reward of having a Hypno-Doula present. If the partner forgets what they learnt during their class they have the teacher right there to give them the answers, because of this the partner will feel more confident that they are doing what they need to, to support and empower mum which in turn empowers the partner.

Statistically, Doula’s and Hypnobirthing Australia both reduce the likelihood of unplanned caesarean births, inductions and the use of anaesthesia whilst increasing the number of spontaneous labours.

With all this information I don’t think the question is “Do I need a Hypno-Doula?” but more “Where can I find my Hypno-Doula?”

I am Jayde Deacon from Sun & Moon Doula Services, I trained under Vicki Hobbs from the Doula Training Academy and have completed my Hypnobirthing Australia practitioners course. If you are interested in discussing my services in regards to Pregnancy, Birth or Postpartum Support feel free to contact me at 0437 004 107 or via email at, also follow me on Facebook or Instagram



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