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Birth Doula Support

My goal is to provide continuous, non-judgmental support for you and your family during your labor and birth. Whether you choose home or hospital, medical interventions or free birth, I will walk alongside you and support you only in the ways you need and ask for. I believe in birthing people’s abilities to choose what is best for their bodies and their babies and I am committed to holding space for you during this sacred, transformational journey.


postpartum support

Most of our lives lack the "village" that once gathered around new parents in the early days of the new baby. Birthing parents and partners alike are left vulnerable in this sensitive time. With my focus on the birthing parent--their rest, comfort, and nutrition--you can find your family easing into parenthood with even greater confidence.


Intimate documentary photography

When I arrive to our session, there will be no bags full of fancy camera gear or props. I won’t ask you to dress up or even take a shower and/or put make-up on (though if you want to, that’s totally fine too!). It will just be me and my camera, capturing your love and your life exactly how it is. Right in this moment.


What is Sun + Moon?

sun + moon provides compassionate care and thoughtful creative services for people of all identities, with a focus on pregnant and birthing people and parenthood. 


Hi, I’m Lindi. I am passionate about reproductive health care for female bodied humans and I feel drawn to the threshold of birth with such an intensity that I could never deny. I live on the south side of Chicago with my partner and our dog and cat. I love being immersed in nature and am particularly fond of Lake Michigan.



I would love to meet you! please fill out the contact form and I would be happy to schedule a get-to-know-you meeting with no strings attached.